Accounting Office – offer

We deal with complex service of business entities. We have extensive experience in accounting. We provide services for both limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited partnerships and joint ventures as well as natural persons running a business activity.

We take full responsibility for the proper running of the tax books ( trade book, ledger of revenues and expenditures) and settlements of Clients with US and ZUS. Our business is insured in the scope of civil liability - OC, so far there has been no need to use the purchased Policy. As a part of our accounting services we deal with All forms of accounting – billing books, ledgers of revenues and expenditures or a ledger of income record , we advise in the issues related to running the business activities, we help in the settlement of income tax, VAT and in many other issues .

We also handle the HR and payroll services, including among others: drawing up the employment contracts, issuing the certificates, filing up the leaves or preparation of payroll lists including the allowances or sick leaves.

We guarantee the comprehensive service when concluding the company contracts, assistance in the founding process and registration in the competent offices We also deal with accounting reviews and accounting retirement. The accounting office's offer is tailored to the individual needs of our Clients.

Within one lump sum remuneration for our services, we realize:

Keeping the billing records

The service is addressed to the owners of all types of business activities consisting of preparation of the documentation containing the information on any kinds of company transactions . We provide services to: commercial law companies, civil-law and one-person business activity. Within the accounting service, we offer:

  • Keeping the main ledger and auxiliary books;
  • Making accounting records;
  • Statement of transactions and balances;
  • Statement of assets and liabilities;
  • Development of the Company’s Account Plan;
  • Preparation of balance sheet statement and profit and loss account statement;
  • Cooperation with the Audit;
  • Clear presentation of financial results.

Revenue and expenditure ledger

For natural persons, who settle on general terms or choose a flat tax, we offer keeping the ledger of income and expenses. This service includes all activities related to the documentation of the company and settling it in the Treasury Tax office. The team of our experienced accountants guarantees the correctness of all their activities, consisting of:

  • Keeping a tax ledge of revenues and expenditures;
  • Register of fixed assets and equipment;
  • Keeping the registers for VAT settlement;
  • Filling in and sending electronically the tax declaration;
  • Advice on the business activity and accountancy-tax issues;
  • Representing the taxpayers before the offices.

HR and Payroll

Our competencies also include the comprehensive services related to human resources and payroll services. We deal with the settlement of the company and its employees in the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office, as well as the preparation of employment contracts and certificates and the handling of personal files. We also monitor the timeliness of medical examinations and holidays.

We will take Your work in our hands:

  • In preparation of employee payrolls and employment contracts;
  • Issuing the work certificates;
  • Registering of holidays;
  • Preparation of income tax declarations of the employed persons;
  • Control of the medical control appointment dates;
  • Control of staffing matters;
  • Preparation of annual information on the income received (PIT-11, PIT-8, PIT-40).

Setting up and registration of the companies

In our company, the service of an economic entity can begin as soon as the company is founded and registered. We help our Clients to complete all the formalities connected with opening their own business and choose the appropriate form. We also provide legal and notary advice.

  • Assistance in creating and concluding a company agreement;
  • Supervising the process of setting up the Ltd. company , including its registration;
  • Performing the registration in ZUS, US and GUS;
  • Assistance in setting up bank accounts;
  • Advice on choosing the best legal form;
  • Preparation of documentation and drawing up the contract drafts.

Settling out of arrears

This service is intended for companies with neglected financial and accounting documentation. Its scope includes, first and foremost, a thorough audit of the correctness of keeping books of accounts and development and implementation of professional activities aimed at settling out he company of arrears of accounts:

  • help in restoring the financial and accounting stability;
  • completion of documentation deficiencies;
  • correction of erroneous entries in ledgers;
  • decreeing the documents according to the Accounting Act;
  • advice on avoiding the arrears;
  • advice on duties, taxes, contributions etc.