HR and payroll - Warsaw

We provide human resources and payroll services and settlements with ZUS, as a separate form of cooperation or as ancillary service. We carry out full employee documentation, the scope of which is defined by the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 28 May 1996.

The gained experience allows us to provide the professional advice on labour law issues. We provide advice and substantive support at a time when our experience and knowledge is necessary.

We assure:

  • keeping the personal files of employees,
  • drawing up the employment contracts and annexes,
  • controlling the dates of medical examinations, occupational health and safety - BHP and others,
  • issuing the work certificates,
  • drawing up the mandate contracts, specific-task contracts or manager contracts with the bills
    preparation of payrolls with all its components and handling the sick leaves, including preparation of Z-3 certificates for payment of sick leave allowance,
  • reimbursement of business travels of employees and contract agents,
  • keeping the records of holidays and working time,
  • preparation of employment and salary certificates,
  • preparation of any declarations and reports required by ZUS and sending them electronically,
  • preparation of annual information in PIT-11, PIT-40, IFT-1 for employees and contractors,
  • preparation of PFRON declarations,
  • representing the Payer by ZUS in the scope of the registered cases.