Accountancy Office – price list

Accountancy Office Dekret provides a professional accounting services as well as HR and payroll services. Our offer is addressed to the clients running the commercial law companies, civil companies and one-person business activity in various industries. Accountancy in our office in kept fairly and on time.

Dekret company is flexible and treats every customer individually.

Our accounting office has a clear price list - depending on the number of monthly documents you provide and on the type of accountancy (trade book, income and expense ledger). Below, please find the approximate prices of our services. At the same time, we encourage you to get acquainted with the promotions we have prepared for you.

Promotion* - start with us

We offer a free of charge help to entrepreneurs who want to start a business activity.
We help in setting up a company, we advise you in choosing the form of taxation, and we also give discounts:
- 1 month accounting service free of charge;
next 2 months a discount 30% of the agreed price.

* Promotion is valid from 30.10.2017 to 30.11.2017. It does not refer to so called self-employment.

Promotion – change the accountancy office

New Clients who choose to change the accounting office, we offer a discount of 20% for the first 3 months.

Promotion – recommend us to your friends

For clients of our office who recommend our services , we offer a discount of 20% for customers with whom we sign a contract for the provision of accounting services for a period of 2 months from the date of signing the contract with the new Client.

Tax Ledger of Revenues and Expenditures

Accounting documents *

Net price

up to 20   200,00 zł
up to 50        250,00 zł
up to 100        400,00 zł
up to 200       800,00 zł

Trade ledgers

Accounting documents *

Net price

up to 20  360,00 zł
up to 50   500,00 zł
up to 100    900,00 zł
up to 200 1700,00 zł

HR and payroll

Number of employees Net price
Employment contracts up to 20 employees 35,00 zł
Civil-law contracts 25,00 zł


Quotation form

Please add 8 and 8.

* Accounting document – one item from the financial and accounting program identifying the economic event. A paper-based bank draft up to 10th item is treated as one document, in electronic form, up to 20th item.

In case of possibility of accounting service in the electronic form of filing the accounting records, then for each document above 50 documents - the rate 4,00 for each document .

The quoted prices refer to the documents in PLN. Documents in the currencies - prices are set up individually.